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April 19, 2018


Mid Ocean Club, April

Bank of Bermuda Foundation International Junior Championship is a new Bermuda Junior Golf Association (BJGA) tournament. We are very grateful for the generous financial support of the Bank of Bermuda Foundation and the Mid Ocean Club and its members for providing the BJGA access to their course and facilities over the Easter weekend. It is hoped that this will become an annual event.

EVENT TEE TIMES BELOW, IN THREESOMES – 2 boys age groups; 14 & under and 15-19 years. Official tee times for the first round will be available at the Rules Meeting. Tee time groupings for days 2 and 3 (based on scores) will be available around 7:00 pm at the Grotto Bay Hotel Notice Board - or you can call the Mid Ocean Club Front Desk at 293-0330 for your tee time (please advise the operator your age group & cumulative score). Tee times are:

Thursday, March 28 – 7:30 am to approximately 9:30 am off tees #1 and #10.
Friday, March 29 - regular tee times from 10:00 am to approximately 1:30 pm, all off of tee #1.
Saturday, March 30 - 7:30 am to approximately 9:30 am off tees #1 and #10.

EVENT REGISTRATION AND GIVEAWAYS - Participants register on Wednesday March 27, 2002 from approximately 10:00 am to 3:00 pm in the Eisenhower Room across from the Pro Shop in the main clubhouse. Players can also register at the Rules and Caddies Meeting, at Grotto Bay Hotel Wednesday evening March 27, 2002. Players can collect their giveaways at the Mid Ocean Club Registration or at the scoreboard after Round One.

MANDATORY RULES AND CADDIES MEETING - There will be a mandatory Rules and Caddies Meeting at Grotto Bay Hotel in the downstairs meeting room, Wednesday March 27, 2002 at approximately 7:00 pm (after the practice round). It is expected to last approximately 30 to 45 minutes.

VOUCHERS/EXPENSE ASSISTANCE - Overseas players that signed up early and are staying at the Grotto Bay Hotel receive the following: First 40 signups - $200; signups #41 onward - $100.

TAXIS - The Grotto Bay Hotel (ph: 441-293-8333; Fax: 293-4194) is located between the Bermuda Airport and the Mid Ocean Club. In a taxi, it is about 5 minutes from the airport (about $5 - 10 taxi each way) and about 10 minutes to MOC (about $10 - 15 taxi each way). There will be a limited number of “Event Taxis” who have agreed to a flat one way cash rate between Grotto Bay Hotel and MOC for players and family. If an Event Taxi is used the flat rates (including clubs) are $10/taxi for 1 to 4 people and $12/taxi for 5 to 6 people. Players and family members are asked to share taxis and to allow players to have priority seating to give players the best chance to practice before their tee times. Also, correct cash for fares is recommended; US$ are used in Bermuda at par with the Bermuda$. [NOTE: Please note that anyone that rents a moped does so at their own risk. Please be careful if you decide to rent a moped.]

· The MOC range will open at approximately 6:30 am each morning.
· The MOC clubhouse, practice green and range are self contained. The #10 tee is a 5 minute car ride from the clubhouse. Players and caddies starting off #10 tee will be picked up approximately 15 minutes before their tee time from the MOC parking lot by the practice putting green entrance and driven to the 10th tee by volunteers in cars/carts. Players & caddies finishing on #9 will be driven back to the clubhouse scorer’s table.
· MOC caddies are available at a cost of US$40/bag per round plus tip. Please contact the MOC Pro Shop if you are interested in using a Mid Ocean caddie.
· The MOC is providing club storage at the caddy shop FREE of charge plus tip.
· The MOC welcomes the players and their families to use the dining room and bar on a CASH ONLY basis from Wednesday through Saturday (i.e. no credit cards are accepted by Mid Ocean Club). Dress is smart casual and the meal times are: Breakfast – from 7:00 am; Lunch – from 11:30 am; Dinner – until 9:00 pm

BERMUDA DEPT OF TOURISM (DOT) – The DOT welcomes the overseas players and their families. The DOT has arranged for all overseas players to receive a courtesy lunch at the Mid Ocean Club for the 3 days of the event (BJGA players also receive the lunch as part of their entry fee). On Thursday and Saturday, lunch & drink tickets can be collected at the scorer’s table after your round for lunch in the Churchill Room. On Friday, collect your bag lunch when you tee off.

THE DOT is also sponsoring a barbecue & iced tea for all of the overseas players and their families and the BJGA players. Bar drinks and sodas are extra and available on a cash basis only. The BBQ is at Grotto Bay Hotel pool area on Saturday March 30th, from 4:00 to 6:00 pm, rain or shine. Also invited as guests of the DOT are some Canadian high school girls on spring break. Dress is very casual. Please keep in mind that there will be other hotel guests in the area and we expect everyone to act responsibly. The BJGA is grateful for the support of the DOT and we hope everyone can make the BBQ!

JOHN BARRITT & SON LTD. - Soft drinks on the course for the participants are courtesy of John Barritt & Son Ltd., Bermuda’s largest drinks distributor. The BJGA is grateful for their ongoing support.

VOLUNTEERS –Volunteers are in yellow shirts and are acting as spotters, cart drivers and scorers. Please be courteous to the volunteers who have given up part of their Easter Holiday to assist in this event.

FUTURE FCWT EXEMPTIONS - are as follows for this event:
· The TOP 5 OVERALL finishers are exempt for the FCWT National Championship at Doral in Miami, Florida on May 24-27, 2002.
· THE TOP 5 BJGA finishers are exempt for the FCWT National Championship at Doral in Miami, Florida on May 24-27, 2002.
· THE 6, 7 and 8 BJGA finishers are exempt for the FCWT Eastern Regional held May 3-5, 2002 at World Woods in Brooksville, Florida. (Note: the top 24 finishers overall at the Eastern Regional Championship are exempt for the FCWT National Championship at Doral).
· In addition, the TOP 10 BJGA FINISHERS, INCLUDING TIES, are exempt to two national ranked events in 2002-2003 season if they join the FCWT tour at the beginning of the 2002-2003 season.
NOTE: Except for a playoff for 1st place overall, in determining the top 5 overall finishers and the Bermuda junior golfers who finish in 1st through 8th place - all ties are subject to a scorecard playoff. Example: If 6 players tie for 5th, the 5th finisher will be determined by a scorecard playoff.

SPECIAL THANK YOUs – Thanks to the players, parents and chaperones for coming. Special thanks are also in order to a number of people and organizations who were very helpful and supportive in bringing this first Bank of Bermuda Foundation International Junior Championship to Bermuda, including:

· Bank of Bermuda Foundation – especially Alan Richardson, David Lang, Karen Madeiros, Anna Lowry.
· Mid Ocean Club – the Members, Directors, management & staff; especially MOC President Michael Dunkley MP, Hugh Barit, Bryan Mewett, David LeStrange, Ann Walsh, Keith Pearman, Chris Marshall, Barry Souza.
· Dept of Tourism – especially Deanna Wade, Sheila Gomez, Charles Webbe, Rhonda Wilkinson
· John Barritt & Son Ltd – management and staff.
· Grotto Bay Hotel - management and staff, especially Clyde Darrell, Lois Simons, Sarah Johnson, Brit & Lisa.
· VOLUNTEERS! -too numerous to mention; especially Ann Walsh & Kelly Marshall for organizing the volunteers.
· Bermuda Sports Marketing –overseas travel coordinator; especially Joan Novell.
· Event taxi operators – especially, Richard Pully, the organizer.
· The Press – TV, radio and print media.
· David Leadbetter Golf Academy – especially Tracy and Shane Reiser.
· Jim McLean FCWT – especially Jim McLean, Jack and Kathie Hopson, Bev Atz, Hugo & Kristie Mazzalupi
· Bermuda Junior Golf Association – the Members, parents and Directors ( who are all volunteers year round!) and especially Blake Marshall, Trevor Boyce, Peter Linn, Heather Osborne.

Best of luck in the tournament. Please check out our beautiful island and experience Bermuda’s wonderful hospitality. We hope you will come back and visit Bermuda again.

Happy Golfing, Happy Easter and Enjoy Bermuda!

Allan Dunkle
BJGA Director; Event Chairman of the Bank of Bermuda Foundation International Junior Championship